What is this Blog?

This is just my blog about social networking in general, and how it seems to be causing people that use them to become slowly desensitized to human love. The last 10 years I have seen so many messed up things and this blog will uncover those things as they happen. Feel free to send in whatever you have as long as it is backed up with some sort of facts such as audio, or video. Do NOT send me chat logs that are not a clear screen shot. you can send whatever to deshi@wickedradio.org.

Monday, May 27, 2013

deshi site is fixed again!

deshi click the link to view the memorial day fish grilling at camp platoon

deshi is testing live playback

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog moving

I do not like how blogger is set up so I am going to start blogging on the chaoscast.tv site i will post a link when it is all good to go.

Monday, May 13, 2013

sex lies, and videotape

so the last several days I have been busy with real life working and stuff. And I had a bit while making dinner tonight to do a cast, and since I was on my other laptop I didnt feel like taking the time to set it up for my beta site and just casted on vaughnlive. Then I notice I get called an ass kisser by mizz187 from scuttles blog chatter box. OH my life is ruined.... pfft. yes that was a fart. I thought it was funny the amount of tabs adam had going as guests in my cast and kengar being there as well. There seems to be a big amount of homophobia among the adambro supporters kinda weird. I do not like vaughnlive I just had a few minutes to cast while I was making dinner for the family so I just loaded up what was already on this old laptop. Then at one point someone called me a liar, again without any gumption at all of proof. Saying I was not in florida, and not in wisconsin, and not in the army, shit do I have to put my discharge papers online for all to see the trivial reasons I was discharged? Is it not possible for people to move around here and there over time specially when dealing with some of the stuff I was at the time? I guess its not logical to think anyone could move, or have ever been in the service. You guys are so funny to me, you call me obsessed with adam, and a "fag" well are you not obsessed with me by coming to my cast as a guest and trolling? Sound to me like you are the ones that are hypocritical not myself. I loved when a couple people called me trailer trash. OK yes I do live in a trailer, on a few acres in a national forest. oh yeah thats right I own my own land, I have very little bills because I live smart and simple and not in a city living of the government doll like so many of the others out there who trash talk me, but I digress. I mean come on people I had said I was done awhile ago with adambro there is nothing more to expose all the proof is in there is nothing more he could do or say to overt what he had previously said on recordings. Yes a large part of my blog is about adam since I have not had this blog all that long just a bit over a month if that, so yes he was a prime subject of mine since so many people emailed me things, and asked me to check out his cast at different times. Anyone wanting to call ME out on things I invite this with full permission! Bring on your evidence! LOL. Oh wait you can't because it never happened. Just like today someone said in my cast that I had said adam raped this sarah girl. I do not even know who sarah is let alone would say someone raped someone without hard legal evidence. I am not one to slander or do libelous things. That is all between you guys and adam and sarah not me. With that I am going to eat dinner and enjoy a hard earned meal instead of your welfare EBT meals.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adam the gun toting police officer

As if you readers ever had any doubts. OK this clip is something I found when I was googling adam. I did not make it but I am posting this up for the people that choose to believe his lies. If this clip doesn't make you a believer that he is full of garbage I don't know what will. God save the human race. In this clip which was apparently made only last year at some point he says he is only learning to be a dj, kind of funny since he keeps saying that he was a dj for over 10 years at that club. The part about smoking weed and being a cop and then maybe he smokes weed while puffing on a joint on live video. Bravo chap. Big bravo to you. You win the asshat of the year award.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Adumb Bro

As if the previous posts on Adam were not enough to satisfy readers this next one is sure to win over the hearts of christians and gays. This recording was also sent to adam's internet service provider as what he is spewing is hate speech and a crime in Canada. You all can check up the laws on that as I did some google searching and checking with Canadian supreme court rulings on the matter. He goes on stating the bible says that gays are completely wrong, and to a point it does in Leviticus but in the new testament there is options to be redeemed. He also claims to be a Christian but with his potty mouth I have my doubts as a TRUE believer would strive to be like Jesus and not hate on groups of people. If you recall from the Bible Jesus associated with the outcasts of society because he loved all people regardless of who or what they were. Everyone has a second chance in his eyes. Also later on in the clip he goes on to say even more lies again(remember christians are not to lie it says so in the 10 commandments) and says he is a DJ, works in a night club(proven to be a lie), and that he is a licensed security guard, even though he is constantly smoking marijuana. I guess I should call the Waterloo police department and file a report by phone about his illegal substances in his home, and his hate speech as well. I am sure his ISP will forward all the information I sent to the right authorities since I am not in Canada and do not clearly know who to report with. Also notice how he gets so excited that he is up on the top list, even though many recordings I have of him he states he doesn't care about ranking, yet he is constantly raging about it. I also find it entertaining that he is back on Vaughn and so happy to be broadcasting there since last week all he did was rant and rage about how he hates mark and miss scruffy, and they would "never get my $100", and that he would NEVER cast on Vaughn again. So over the weekend when he was supposed to be at the club(his words) he was on chitters with a whole 3 viewers so I guess he was not satisfied with the reality that he cannot do a "show". So here is the clip with all the greatest rants from Adam.
I apologize for the removal of the music audio adam was using copyright material and youtube doesnt stand for that.